Hackers Hold Hollywood Hospitals Computer System Hostage, Demand $3.6 Million

“Hackers have taken the computer system of the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center hostage, demanding 9,000 Bitcoin or $3.6 million…Also, some patients had to be transferred to other hospitals, as some of the medical equipment that need computers at the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center were rendered inoperable, including apparatuses for X-ray and CT scans, documentation and pharmacy and lab work. “

Below is the link to the article on Tech Time:


Having a security and customer focused culture in healthcare is paramount. Security training, technology, procedures, policies, etc are not just a static “HIPAA security assessment audit check mark”, it has to be a way of doing business each and every day for a healthcare provider. InfoTech Innovator’s HIPAA Risk Assessment Service can help a healthcare provider to perform their required HIPAA Risk Assessment and our knowledgable technical staff can help point out client areas requiring better security training, technology, services and help clients to implement these for their organization.

Ransonware is typically spread via phishing email attacks and downloads. General phishing are scams that attempt to trick recipients into responding or clicking immediately, by claiming they will lose something (e.g., email, bank account). Such a claim is always indicative of a phishing scam. “Spear phishing” is more specific and can target (or be tailored to) specific individuals, roles, or organizations.

Below is a great link from the University Of Indiana that offers some basic information on how to spot


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