Dispel some myths about cyber security for small and medium size businesses

Lets dispel some myths about cyber security for small and medium size businesses.

1. YES, hackers do care about your business no matter how big, small, significant or insignificant YOU might think your business is.

2. YES, proper cyber security hygiene is important to all businesses and YES proper cyber security hygiene is more than just anti virus software.

3. YES, remediating after a cybercrime incident is hard and expensive. Sometimes too expense and/or hard for a business to recover. Yes, prevention via proper cyber security hygiene can help, is cheaper and easier. If you lock your doors, it is the same principle. The lock is cheaper than replacing all your stuff if stolen ( and less painful). So if it helps to combat bad guys and/or helps to minimize break-ins / damage .. its a good thing. Ounce of prevention is cheaper than a pound of cure!

4. Yes, you are never 100% cyber secure. The human element coupled with constant changes in technology threats makes being secure a moving target. Best course of action is make cyber security part of how you do every day business and stay vigilant / current related to your defenses.

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InfoTech Innovators is an IT Consulting firm located in central NJ that specializes in cyber security services for small and medium size businesses, as well as NJ state government and municipalities (Towns,Cities, Counties, etc.)

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