Managed IT Services

Many local governments as well as small and midsize organizations struggle to manage their IT internally.

Let our Managed IT services ensure that your  hardware, software, networks and other systems run smoothly and efficiently. Our IT professionals and support specialists will proactively monitor your essential systems and respond quickly to any needs you might have.

InfoTech Innovators provides a wide range of vital IT services. We provide laptop, desktop, server and network management services to local government and small to medium sized businesses so you can focus on growing your business.

Our Managed IT Services reduce the pressures, annoyances and costs associated with trying to manage and support your IT yourself, freeing you up to focus on your core business objectives- generating leads, growing sales and  keeping customers happy.

Some of our Managed IT Services include, but are not limited too :

  • Help Desk Services
  • Onsite Technician Services
  • Remote Network Monitoring
  • Remote System Support
  • Software Patches/Update Management
  • Remote Management Control
  • AV/Spyware Installation & Monitoring
  • System Maintenance & Tune-ups
  • Access to Our Expert Technical Staff
  • IT Strategy Consulting Services
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Services


Managed IT Services from InfoTech Innovators

Very often we hear from new clients about their “Guy” and they question why they need Managed IT Services when they have or can just hire  a “Guy”. The truth is a “Guy” is just one person. A “Guy” has  a limited skill set AGuy2considering the breath of the technology employed by a client, they get busy (resulting in other needs waiting for attention), they cannot provide 24/7/365 services, they are biased in their technology approaches and strategies ( but are often too busy to get anything implemented using their technology biases), they often spend more time “fighting fires or fixing what is broke” than implementing proactive preventative maintenance, monitoring system performance, etc.  Not to mention, a “Guy” can get sick or take vacation. All while the client is nervously counting the billable hours of a “Guy” to insure there are no surprises and trying to simply get their IT needs satisfied with quality in a timely fashion.

With our Managed IT Services we deliver:

  • Faster response times because of breadth of staff
  • Faster resolutions times because of depth of experience
  • Employs additional resources and tools such as remote access software, help desk systems to track issues, reporting systems, etc.
  • Flat fees  allow you to stay within budget without having to count hours
  • Agreement includes pro-active maintenance and anti-virus software
  • Support, Monitoring and Maintenance is proactive
  • Broader range of technology skills sets and experience
  • Can scale as you grow
  • and much more…
  • To match our level of Managed IT Services with a “Guy” approach would take MANY MORE “Guys” and be a lot more expensive than our Managed IT Services approach…. and would still not match our level of quality and value.

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