Cyber Security Platform for Small Business

The All-In-One Cybersecurity Platform for Small Business

Until now, cyber security has been complicated and expensive. InfoTech Innovators’ cyber security solution platform, Defendify, changes the game making cyber security simple, manageable, and affordable. Online, all the time, Defendify helps Small Businesses detect, protect, and defend.

Using the best firewall technology does help protect your organization. But it’s not a fool-proof solution. To ensure more complete protection, you must look beyond the firewall to your employees. Almost half of all data breaches are caused by insider threats from human error, rather than from a hacker breaking through the firewall. The most effective cyber security plans include creating a cyber-smart work environment to create human protection against breaches and incidents.

As organizations grow and evolve, their cyber security needs do as well. InfoTech Innovators’ cybersecurity solution platform, Defendify, is flexible, easy to manage, and affordable to deploy. Defendify offers strong protection and awareness capabilities with available options that can be added now or as your organization requires them. We will provide you with the tools you need to protect your organization against cyber related attacks and breaches.

Cyber security

Cybersecurity Dashboard
• Health Grade
• Recommendations
• Reports & Documents
• Alerts & Notifications


Cybersecurity Toolbox
• Checkups & Assessments
• Policies, Plans, & Procedures
• Awareness Training & Testing
• Technology Solutions

Additional Services
– Website Scanning
– Vulnerability Scanning
– Dark Web Password Scanning
– Incident Response Plan Builder
– Ethical Hacking Services

cyber security

Cybersecurity Support System
• Dedicated Advisors
• Live Chat, Phone, & Email
• Knowledge Base
• Educational & Instructional Content

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