Cyber Security Platforms for Small Business

InfoTech Innovators offers two cyber security service cloud based offerings to help small and medium size businesses to be more secure. Both unique offerings cover the core basic foundation needed for sound cyber security. Both are covered below. Depending on your business and the cyber security needs we work with you to determine, one offering might be a better fit than another. Our unique security and compliance expertise and other services also complement these platform offerings. Our offerings in total cover all aspects that any small or medium size business needs to be more cyber secure.

1. Breach Secure Now – Breach Protection Platform

InfoTech Innovators through our partnership with Breach Secure Now offers a comprehensive set of cyber security features in one online cloud portal to help any small or medium size business to be more secure.

The Breach Prevention Platforms (BPP) provides Dark Web Scanning, Simulated Phishing, Security Awareness Training, Employee Vulnerability Assessments, Written Security Policies and a monthly news letter. The cloud based portal is online and accessible to your registered employees.

BPP also offers additional add on features related to HIPAA compliance specific components that integrated into the cloud portal making it not only a one stop shop for security, but also for compliance for healthcare providers.

BPP also offers the ability for current BPP customers to purchase business cyber insurance to protect businesses from loses due to a cyber breach incident. The insurance is underwritten by Axis which also gives you access to their comprehensive list of established cyber response teams to help you deal with an actual breach.

2. Defendify – The All-In-One Cybersecurity Platform for Small Business

As organizations grow and evolve, their cyber security needs do as well. InfoTech Innovators’ cybersecurity solution platform, Defendify, is flexible, easy to manage, and affordable to deploy. Defendify offers strong protection and awareness capabilities with available options that can be added now or as your organization requires them. We will provide you with the tools you need to protect your organization against cyber related attacks and breaches.

Cyber security

Cybersecurity Dashboard
• Health Grade
• Recommendations
• Reports & Documents
• Alerts & Notifications


Cybersecurity Toolbox
• Checkups & Assessments
• Policies, Plans, & Procedures
• Awareness Training & Testing
• Technology Solutions

Additional Services
– Website Scanning
– Vulnerability Scanning
– Dark Web Scanning
– Incident Response Plan Builder
– Ethical Hacking Services

cyber security

Cybersecurity Support System
• Dedicated Advisors
• Live Chat, Phone, & Email
• Knowledge Base
• Educational & Instructional Content

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