Hackers Never Sleep

It is unfortunate, but hackers never take a day off, they never sleep, and they work 24/7 trying to break into your business. It has never been more important to ensure that your business has a sound security posture to protect yourself and your customers. We are so passionate about helping businesses to be more secure that we are making a special offer to new clients:

InfoTech Innovators is offering a steep discount to our Initial Network / Security Assessment and Consultation offering. Typically, $1500. For the summer of 2019 only $500 A $1000 savings

Initial Network / Security Assessment and Consultation
InfoTech Innovators offers an initial non-intrusive IT security assessment service where we evaluate and report on the customer’s current overall network and security posture. The report provides an overall Risk Report including the a Risk Rating, an insightful issues/gaps summary based on the analysis and a Security Risk report. Our report provides insight to strengths, weaknesses and identifies high level gaps that need to be addressed to improve a business’s overall security posture.

Deeper Security Assessment and Evaluation Services
InfoTech Innovators offers deeper readiness assessments for compliance areas such as HIPAA and PCI DSS.  We also offer additional cyber services such as network penetration testing, internal network vulnerability scanning, in-depth network security assessment, cyber awareness training and more! 

Cybersecurity Platform for Small Business
InfoTech Innovators’ cybersecurity solution platform, Defendify, changes the game making cybersecurity simple, manageable, and affordable. Online, all the time, Defendify helps Small Businesses detect, protect, and defend.  The All-In-One Cybersecurity Platform for Small Business!

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